'talanas' badge



uncommonly sexy badge in a universal size, available only to those who are aware of the colossal effect that this may have on those one might wish to attract, ensnare or simply gain the attention of.

this pin badge is allegedly capable of eliminating all competitive suitors and anyone who may wish to oppose you in the game of rumpty-pumpty. it potentially features nearly devastating amounts of occult prowess.

NB: no claims made by talanas (or their agents, eulogy media) may be held accountable for effective results, real or anecdotal, beyond the point of how's-yer-father with a bit of know-what-i-mean.

just buy it. it could happen. it's practically guaranteed, were it not for the fact that it's absolutely speculative.

ships out within 7 days

  £2 GBP or more 




Combining all the ferocity of extreme metal with atmospheric soundscapes influenced by the more esoteric leanings of the 80s & 90s mainstream, with inspirations ranging from Suffocation to Scott Walker, talanas have made their sartorial stamp as "death metal's gentlemen" with 2010’s 'reason & abstract', 2011's ‘the waspkeeper’, 2012's ‘corpseflower' & 2014's 'asylum'. Now, how about a spot of tea? ... more

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